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The Congress has been granted with 21 European CME credits by the EACCME

We are excited to announce that LIVE 2024 Symposium will take place on May 16-18, 2024 in Rhodes-Greece!

Plenary and joint sessions with prestigious vascular societies and European congresses as well as debates, clinical cases, oral presentations, workshops, and industry mini-symposia will all form a scientific network able to provide a unique educational opportunity and a must-to-be event for all physicians interested in the management of vascular diseases.

Looking forward to welcoming you all to the Island of Knights!

On behalf of IVD
E. Arnaoutoglou, A. Giannoukas, N. Labropoulos,
M. Lazarides, M. Matsagkas, D. Tsetis, I. Tsolakis

Program Directors
E. Arnaoutoglou, E. Avgerinos, G. Georgiadis, A. Giannoukas, C. Ioannou, C. Karkos, A. Katsargyris, N. Labropoulos, M. Lazarides, M. Matsagkas, K. Moulakakis, D. Tsetis, I. Tsolakis


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